There is an underlying connection between my works on paper and the Soma installation: an exhibition in the long rectangular gallery–a passageway allowing viewers to approach the work from different perspectives. With this project I choose to address two intensions: the desire to collect, contain and preserve and the desire for me to speak of loss and memory.

The display cases preserve, like fossils of the past, lost cultures. The wood vitrine, suggests a chamber where collective memories are stored. The felt is chaotic and dense as the pressed hair from which it is comprised. The reflective glass of the container emphasizes a sense of inner wholeness. Inside, the material body, the Soma, provides an insulated and warm chamber. Outside, you see yourself and light reflected on the glass as well as seeing the contents within. Could this be a projection space for the images in our minds?

I have been inspired by the work of Joseph Beuys because he utilizes collection and storage and the way he conveys special meaning through materials. 

The felt holds personal and cultural memories and can be a healing agent for wounds to the human condition. I work with animal hair to suture and mend the surface. The actual process of felting the wool enables me to explore new methods of how the fleece can be used to achieve degrees of tension and release. Felt reveals a physical history. As isolated remnants the “somas” function as testimonials.