02chant 3

“Chants” from the cycle Incantations


05chant 5

04chant 2

06chant 4

The Incantations is a large nine panel cycle. Each work or “chant” is uniquely different from as well as similar to the others in theme and surface resembling the cycles within a repetitive song. A single “chant” touches off a chain of references to the whole sequence and expands upon its sense of meaning and mystery.

I believe that the making of work has the capacity to actually transform consciousness. I have treated fragile handmade paper with multiple layers of paint. Eroded edges become the framework for images taken from my personal photographic archive. The making of the Incantations is as much about a self search as it is about the complex discovery that comes from creating each piece. 

For me this work asks questions of identity. The Incantations is a vessel that translates my interior observations into a language of color and form rather then words.