History No. 05
Graphite, ink and watercolor on paper
16 5/8 inches x 20 1/2 inches


History No. 04

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History No. 05


History No 08



History No. 07

“Histories_from Eight Rectilinear Boundaries” by Annaday Hiser

These “Histories_from Eight Rectilinear Boundaries” contain images from my own photographic archive and exhibit a personal repertoire of painterly techniques of smearing, rubbing and bleeding to convey a distinct material presence. The paper is printed, torn and layered–revealing existence.

The subject matter is twofold: first it becomes a passage into cultures with which I feel bonded and it also becomes a search for a medium that conveys a tangible being of memory. Within each piece there is a screening or veiling, the creation of a permeable membrane between histories and surface.